Wednesday, March 26, 2008

“Don’t believe the Hype”

I apologize for making my first post a sad one, but this is music and most stories are filled with depression and failure. A band I have highly regarded as the next big thing failed to chart with their first official single “Great DJ” last week, The Ting Tings are yet another example of a band with huge potential but fail to convert hype to gold. The duo, made up of Jules and Katie, formed in 2006, are an amazing blend of classic pop with attitude. After making a break-through performance at last years Glastonbury, the signs were all pointing to success. However following a quirky video for “Great DJ”, the band failed to chart in the UK, leaving their future unknown. All is not lost however, with a cracking song entitled “That’s not my name” in their collection; a chart revival could be on the cards.

"They call me hell.... That’s not my name"